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The Never Ending Newfoundland Winter

By February 21, 2020November 8th, 2022Personal Insurance

The winter of 2020 has been one to remember for most of Newfoundland & Labrador.

One day we’re bracing against -20° + bone-chilling winds, the next we’re preparing for 15-20 cms of snow. Add to this the THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE centimeters that are already down across most of the Avalon Peninsula. Yes, that’s right – 335 cm and counting.

The City of St. John’s is over budget on snow-clearing by $5m, Corner Brook and Deer Lake graciously trucked out snow-clearing equipment during the week-long State of Emergency, the Canadian Forces were called in and as a province we’ve been above average each month for snowfall, obliterating January’s average by almost 30 cms.

According to The Weather Network, most of the systems that have barreled through the region have also brought straight snow, as opposed to a messy rain/snow mix that is usually more typical for areas along the coast. “Newfoundland has certainly been the target, as an active storm track has brought system after system,” says meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal. “This position of the track has allowed for cold air to produce more snow during the storms.”

Some Tips to Survive our Newfoundland Winters

All this snow and ice can take a toll on your home and vehicles so here are are a few tips we put together to keep you warm & safe this winter.

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Technically, there’s less than a month of winter left until spring (hey, we can dream can’t we?!) so hang in there, batten down the hatches and don’t forget to have your #stormchips handy.

Author Jamie Ross

Jamie Ross leads the Marketing and Communications team at Wedgwood Insurance, renowned as one of Atlantic Canada’s premier independent insurance brokers. Bringing a wealth of experience amassed over many years at some of Canada's most esteemed advertising agencies, Jamie transitioned to the insurance industry in 2017. This pivotal move has marked a period of significant professional growth and contribution to the field. A native Nova Scotian, Jamie has been a resident of St. John's, NL, since 2011, where he has become an integral part of the local community. Learn more about Jamie.

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