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Canada’s Most Stolen Vehicles 2022

By November 15, 2023January 5th, 2024Auto Insurance
Canada's Most Stolen Vehicles 2022 - Ram 1500

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For the second consecutive year, the Honda CR-V topped the list of Canada’s most stolen vehicles, according to Équité Association. The organization unveiled its Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Canada, theft frequency data and regional breakdowns. In 2022, auto theft led to a record-high $1.2 billion in industry losses, with a warning from Bryan Gast, Équité’s Vice President of Investigative Services, about the need for vigilance.

Most Stolen Vehicles

The Honda CR-V had 5,620 thefts in 2022, with a theft frequency rate of 1.2% (per 469,144 insured CR-Vs nationally), primarily targeting the 2020 model. The Dodge RAM 1500 Series (2022) followed with a 0.5% theft rate and 2,600 total stolen vehicles, while the Ford F150 Series (2020) had a 0.3% theft rate and 1,833 stolen vehicles.

Other top 10 stolen cars in Canada included the Lexus RX Series (2020) with a 1.9% theft frequency, the Toyota Highlander (2021) at 1.5%, and the Honda Civic (2019) at 0.2%. Notably, nine of the top ten stolen cars were trucks and SUVs, typically higher-end and newer models.

Regionally, the CR-V was the most stolen car in Ontario and Quebec. At the same time, the Dodge RAM 1500 took the top spot in Alberta and Atlantic Canada. In the eastern provinces, thefts were often for overseas export. In contrast, cars were stolen for resale or parts in Alberta and western Canada.

Least Stolen Vehicles

For those seeking vehicles with a low theft risk, Équité compiled a list of the Top 10 Least Stolen Vehicles of 2022. The Chevrolet Volt was the least stolen, with only one recorded theft among 16,471 insured vehicles. Second was the Kia Niro 5DR, with three thefts out of 11,276 cars, and third was the Cadillac XT5, with four thefts out of 21,268 SUVs.

Efforts to reduce auto theft included encouraging consumers to install tracking devices and imposing surcharges on high-risk vehicles. However, Gast emphasized the need for manufacturers to improve vehicle security. Outdated immobilizer standards made vehicles vulnerable, prompting calls for manufacturers to enhance theft prevention features.

Furthermore, drivers were advised to safeguard personal belongings and sensitive information in their vehicles and be prepared with necessary documents when pulled over by law enforcement.

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