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6 Ways to Protect Your Data From Hackers

AI Opportunities and Risks for Businesses
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Where did you most recently use WiFi in a public setting? Nowadays, you can use your phone or another mobile device to access the internet at almost every coffee shop, library, airport, and hotel.

If you haven’t taken precautions to protect your data, the data you have on your phone may be accessible to hackers in the area. We take precautions every day to safeguard our families and ourselves from unforeseen events. We frequently concentrate on our homes and cars when it comes to insurance. But it’s equally crucial to safeguard yourself against potential WiFi threats.

1. Don’t Use Free Public Wifi To Access Financial Or Personal Information

Although it might seem obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people use public WiFi to check their bank accounts or make purchases with a credit card. Doing those things over a secure connection is recommended.

2. Whatever You Don’t Need, Turn It Off

Hackers can access your data, location, or connection using certain phone features. Therefore, only activate your GPS, wireless connection, and tracking when necessary rather than always leaving them on.

3. Pick Your Apps Carefully

Download apps only from dependable websites with a solid reputation. Regularly update your software and apps and eliminate any you no longer use.

4. Use A Lock Code, Password, Or Encryption

Never use the auto-complete feature for passwords, and make sure your passwords are at least eight characters long, contain a mix of upper- and lowercase letters, and include numbers or other characters. To protect your private information, use your phone’s storage encryption feature. You can also set your screen to time out after five minutes or less.

5. Be Wary Of Attachments And Links

Only click the link or open the attachment if you know the source.

6. Trace Or Erase

If your mobile device is stolen or lost, protect your data. Your device can be configured to lock itself after a predetermined number of unsuccessful log-in attempts.

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