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Classic or Collector Car insurance in St. John’s, Corner Brook and throughout Newfoundland.

Your prized collector car represents a real commitment of your time and resources. We’ll help you protect your investment through specialized insurance coverage designed for classic car lovers like you.
Classic or collector car insurance is different from ordinary auto insurance because it’s geared towards the actual collectible value of your car. It’s one thing to be able to get another car, it’s quite another to be able to replace your antique classic car.

Your collector car is special to you and that’s why classic car insurance is a special category with some key differences to ordinary auto or car insurance policies.

First, let’s deal with the name. Different policies may be called classic car insurance, collector car insurance or antique car insurance. Exactly what qualifies will depend on the insurance company, but usually, such policies cover cars that are not only of a certain age but have distinctive characteristics such as being particularly rare.

If the insurance company pays for repairs after a collision, classic car insurance will often guarantee to pay for necessary and authentic parts that might be excluded or exceed coverage limits with an ordinary car insurance policy. One note of caution, however: many classic car insurance policies only apply to limited usage, whether that’s a specified (low) annual mileage, or only covering trips to exhibitions and parades rather than everyday driving.

Vehicles we Insure:

  • Antique & classic cars
  • Classic trucks & utility vehicles
  • 1980 or newer vehicles
  • Modified vehicles
  • Classic military vehicles
  • Retired commercial vehicles
  • Collector trailers
  • Antique tractors
  • Vehicles under restoration

Does your vehicle qualify?

Because we provide low-cost, Agreed Value coverage, we are not able to provide coverage for certain vehicles due to how they are used and the increased risk associated, including:

  • Daily-use vehicles
  • Camping, off-road, or utility-type vehicles
  • Late-model vehicles that have been highly customized for looks or performance (commonly referred to as “tuners”)
  • Vehicles that are highly customized for appearance and suspension (commonly referred to as “lowriders”)
  • Commercial-use vehicles
  • Motorcycles or scooters
  • Replicas of the 1963-67 Shelby Cobra
  • Vehicles that are used for racing, timed events, autocross or driver’s education
  • Vehicles modified with features such as a roll cage, wheelie casters, parachutes, nitrous components or modifications that permanently remove the roof and/or doors
  • Vehicles with 700 hp or greater (manufactured or modified)
  • Right-hand drive vehicles newer than 25 years, specifically those imported from Japan such as a Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra or Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Dune buggies
  • Motorhomes or recreational vehicles

Be sure to connect with us to discuss the details of classic car insurance, collector car insurance or antique car insurance. We can help to find the right policy for you!

Let’s discuss your classic car insurance.

One of our insurance advisors will reach out to you to review your information and present you with the appropriate classic car insurance solution. There’s no obligation, just good-old-fashioned advice.
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Wedgwood Insurance offers comprehensive classic car insurance in St. John’s, Corner Brook and throughout Newfoundland.
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