Graduating From University

What University or College Graduates Need to Know about Insurance


College or university graduation is one of the most significant milestones in your life. It comes too with great responsibilities as you lay the foundation for your future.

Smart insurance decisions are essential at this point.

Our insurance and financial advisors can help you prepare and choose a plan that's reasonably priced with the best protection.

Here are some types of insurance you will want to consider after college graduation:

  1. Auto
  2. Tenant Insurance
  3. One Insurance Source

Auto Insurance

In university or college, you may have been on your parent's Car Insurance policy, but now it's time to get your own, based on your needs.

Another reality is that your auto insurance needs are different than your parents. For example, they might be financially able to have a large deductible on their policy but that might not be best for you right now.

Wedgwood Insurance, represents a wide variety of insurance companies, offering you options and discounts. We'll look at your situation to make sure you get the right coverage you need, for this time in your life.

Tenant's Insurance

Moving into your own place means you need insurance of your own. Since most graduates have plenty of electronics; computer, TV, game systems, jewellery, etc., it's important to make sure you have a policy in place to at least cover the cost of replacement should you have a break in, fire or serious water damage.

(You might not think they're worth much but they are - especially when you think of how much it would cost to replace them.)

You know the feeling when you come back to your apartment to find your place trashed and some of your favourite stuff missing? Hopefully you don't, but if you've experienced it, you'll know what we mean.

Did you have tenants insurance?

Tenants Insurance covers all your belongings (clothing, books, CDs, furniture - everything). Insurance is not the responsibility of your landlord.

Tenants Insurance also provides liability insurance in case someone gets injured while in your apartment from your negligent actions.

Wedgwood Insurance Limited will give you peace of mind about your belongings and your liability. We will provide our expert advice and guidance every step of the way.

Combine Your Policies Together

Consider having one insurance provider handle all your needs - from tenant's insurance to car insurance - to simplify the process and to get a better price.

Work with someone who understands University or College Graduates (many work here!). Contact Wedgwood Insurance Limited today!

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