Buying a Motorhome or Travel Trailer (RV)

Ah! The beauty of RV'ing! You get to have a different view outside your bedroom window every day (if you like). Wake up to the sounds of mountain streams or crashing waves, birdsong or trees swaying in the wind. Discover wildlife, explore nature, or simply sit in the sunshine. And if it's raining? You sit under your awning. And when it's too cold? You go inside. And the best part of it all? You get to sleep in a comfortable bed at night. YOUR bed!

An RV can take you all across the country, without you ever having to leave the comfort of home behind. Traveling in an RV - whether it's just for the weekend, or for months on end - allows you to get just the right amount of adventure that you crave. What could be better?

But to keep the adventure in check, it helps to be prepared. A good RV Insurance plan goes a long way in giving you the peace of mind that allows you to truly enjoy your travels. After all, your RV isn't just any vehicle. It's your home on wheels. Call Wedgwood Insurance Limited for a customized RV Insurance plan that provides you with the protection that your home away from home deserves.

Can my RV be covered under my Auto Insurance policy?

You've  made the decision to buy an RV. You've been dreaming about it for years now, and you finally made it come true. Since it is likely to be your retirement "vacation home", you've invested in a higher-end model and splurged on a couple of extras.

Now comes the question: How to insure it? It's a vehicle, so can it be added as another "car" to your auto policy? Then again, it's most definitely not just a "car"'s so much more than that. Plus, you will be carrying so much more stuff... all the stuff that makes it a home. So, perhaps a stand-alone RV insurance policy might be better. You do I insure my new RV?

Well, first, congratulations on a lifelong dream come true! An RV is a great way to see the country. And it only makes sense that you will want the best protection for your new investment.

It is true that an RV can be added to an Auto insurance policy with the standard automobile coverages such as Collision and Comprehensive. However, we strongly recommend a separate RV insurance policy that is designed to provide much broader coverage.

Ah! You may think that a stand-alone policy must come at a much higher price, too? But not always! In fact, in many cases, a stand-alone RV policy actually costs less, although it provides broader coverage.

One of the biggest advantages of stand-alone RV insurance is that it can offer "replacement coverage" for new motorhomes or travel trailers while your auto policy will only cover your RV for "actual cash value". That means if your RV is destroyed in an insured loss and insured on a separate RV policy, your insurance could be able to pay the cost to replace your RV. Your auto insurance will only pay what your RV was worth at the time of the loss. 

Also, RV insurance can provide better Roadside Assistance, Personal Property and Vacation Liability coverage that an auto policy can offer. Think about it this way: An RV is much bigger and much more expensive to repair than, say, a small sedan. Just a simple windshield replacement on a motorhome can cost up to $1,000! Your auto policy is made for a car, and its limits likely can't keep up with the 'needs' of an RV.

Give us a call 709-753-3210! We have many options, and we will customize a plan that protects your new investment at the best value for your dollar.

What does an RV insurance policy cover?

An RV policy is very similar to an auto insurance policy in that it provides some of the same coverages as your car insurance, just adapted for the larger size (and the usually higher cost for repairs) of an RV. Here they are:

  • Bodily Injury / Property Damage Liability: This coverage pays for any damages or injuries that you cause to another party
  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist: Pays for your losses if the person who hit you does not have insurance or the financial resources to compensate you for the damage
  • Medical Payments: This coverage may be used to pay for your necessary medical expenses in case of an accident regardless of who is at fault. You can select the amount of coverage that you like.
  • Comprehensive / Collision Coverage: Pays if your RV is damaged in an accident, or if it is stolen, or it it is subject to fire, windstorm or vandalism damage. A deductible will apply in these situations. 

In addition to these, RV Insurance provides extra coverage that applies specifically to the size and exposure of an RV:

  • Roadside Assistance:This endorsement provides assistance for such things as Towing, Battery Boosts, Lockout Service, Travel Planning, etc
  • Emergency Vacation Expense: Coverage is provided for emergency expenses if the Motor Home becomes uninhabitable when used during vacation

Does my RV insurance cover me outside my Province?

Plans are made, the new GPS is installed, and your bags are packed. You are planning on spending the summer road-tripping with your RV. From Canada to Florida! Oh, all the things that you'll see! You even plan on writing a blog about your adventures!

Except, three days before your departure, it hits you like a ton of bricks: Is your RV covered in Canada and the US? 

Your RV Insurance extends to the United States and Canada. That means you have coverage  if you travels to these places. You should let us know when you plan an extended trip however. And if you are really adventurous and want to take your RV outside Canada or the US you definitely need to talk to us to see whether the coverage will be valid for the places you want to go.


What if my RV is my primary residence?

Your dream has come true! You're free! Free as a bird! You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, because your home is on wheels. Don't like the weather anymore? Move on! Ready for a new view? Find one you like!

No longer are you bound to a house that comes with chores and maintenance! From now on out, your RV is your only and primary residence! How cool is that?

Congratulations! You are brave! The step from settled to nomadic life is not easy... We admire you for your courage!

It is somewhat more rare for folks to take this jump, but it is not unheard of: A number of insurance companies are prepared for this question and offer adequate protection plans for folks like you who decide to make your RV your home.

If you use your RV as your primary residence, talk to us about the possible coverages we can arrange for you.