Tenants Insurance in St.John's & Throughout Newfoundland

Whether you're living in a rented jellybean rowhouse, basement apartment, or home, you need to protect yourself and your belongings from the unexpected. Many first-time renters in Newfoundland assume that their Landlord's insurance policy will look after their possessions if anything were to happen like fire or theft for example.

This is not the case. Most landlords' insurance policies protect only the house or building itself. Anything that you bring in the home or building is your responsibility. And if the worst was to happen, replacing the things that matters most to you could set you back thousands of dollars.

Tenants Insurance is your safest and smartest choice for protecting yourself and your belongings in the event of theft, hurricanes, water damage and much more. With Wedgwood Insurance, we can give you get the protection that is customized to your lifestyle and budget, with a service that goes above and beyond.

Why Choose Wedgwood Insurance?

Reliable protection is just one of the many benefits you get when you choose Wedgwood Insurance. You will also receive the local support of an dedicated account manager who will look after you and your policy. They'll help you understand your tenants policy, and make sure you have the right protection that is customizable as your life changes.

Not only that, we have our own claims coordinator. This person will be your advocate in the event of a claim, and will guide you through the claims process. You can rest assure that if the unexpected was to happen, we have your back and to get your life back on track as fast as possible.

We strive on making sure we provide a smarter and hassle-free experience with insurance. That's why we also offer you our online portal that gives you instant access to your tenants policy. It's now easy to report a claim, get info on your policy, and make changes at any time of the day.

What Does Tenants Insurance Cover?

More than you think. And the coverage doesn't just stop at protecting your personal property like clothes, electronics, and furniture from all types of perils. It also covers your valuables in your car, when you're moving, and even when you go on vacation.

Tenant Insurance also includes liability coverage - an important aspect of the policy. For example, liability coverage protects you if someone sues you for their injury in your rental or if you accidentally damage someone else's property while in your rental.

You Can Rely On Wedgwood Insurance

For decades, Wedgwood Insurance has been protecting many individuals and their valuables from the unexpected at competitive prices. We value a hassle-free experience, innovative features, and exceptional service at competitive prices. Call or visit us at our St.John's or Corner Brook Offices, or click below to get started on a tenants insurance quote. You'll see why we are one of the most trusted insurance brokers in Atlantic Canada.