Condo Insurance In St.John's and Throughout Newfoundland

Living in a condo certainly has its benefits; like no longer having to deal with shoveling through Newfoundland's notorious winters, or mowing the overgrown lawn that you kept on "forgetting" to do. However, this shouldn't shy you away from getting the right protection for your townhouse or condo, with insurance.

Get dependable coverage with a dedicated, local account manager for your family and belongings, with Wedgwood Condo Insurance.

Protect Your Condo With Reliable Coverage Through Wedgwood Insurance

Condo Insurance is a little different from Home Insurance and requires its own unique insurance. You usually only need to protect the inside of your condo, including your appliances, interior walls, valuables, and personal property. It will also work hand in hand with your condo association's master policy to better financially protect you from any unexpected damages, theft, and expenses. 

With us, we shop and work along side of our many insurance partners to custom design a policy that is built for your life and budget. Every policy is designed to give you dependable, affordable coverage, and you can file claims no matter what time of day, with our local 24/7 claims service.

Below are just a few of the great coverage options that condo insurance offers

Personal Liability

Dependable coverage that you can rely on. This coverage protects you from financial loss and protects your assets if someone is injured inside your condo, or accidentally injures someone away from your unit.

Additional Living Expenses

Ensuring you are best protected is our mantra, and we go beyond just looking after your home. If your condo is damaged to the point that it is unlivable, this coverage will pay for living expenses until the repairs and construction are completed.

Protection from Identity Theft

We know how to protect everything that matters. More and more Newfoundlanders are dealing with identity theft. It is an inexpensive but valuable way of protecting your credit rating and helps cover the cost of restoring your good reputation.

Personal Property

Protecting you from the unexpected. Our personal property coverage looks after your personal belongings inside your home and on the go. On qualifying policies, this coverage will help replace belongings lost in a incident (like smoke damage) or items that get stolen.

Advantages of Wedgwood's Condo Insurance

Insurance for your condo can be tricky to understand and navigate. As with every Wedgwood Insurance policy, you get your own dedicated, local account manager who will help guide and educate you about your policy and the insurance lingo. Plus, no matter where you are, there will always be a helping hand and a friendly face nearby, as we have offices in Corner Brook and St. John's, and managers throughout Newfoundland.

Not only that, when disaster strikes, you can trust our own Claims Coordinator to help you get back on your feet. This person's sole purpose is to be your advocate and will guide you through the claims process. Filing a claim and getting on with your life has never been so simple! 

We realize that life doesn't just stop after 5 PM, and that's why we strive on providing a hassle-free experience with insurance. We offer all of our customers with our online portal, W24 that will give you instant access to your condo policy, no matter where you are. It's simple and easy to get info on your policy and to make changes at any time of the day.