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Helping individuals and business owners is about more than coverage.
It's about trust and learning how you can reduce your total risk.

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Helping individuals and business owners is about more than 'coverage'. It's all about education, trust, and reducing your total risk in life.

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Worst driver awarded!

Shockingly bad driver wins Wedgwood Insurance Rules of the Road contest We asked you to take our Rules of the Road quiz, the latest in our ongoing series of Show us Your Risk contests and activities, and we have announced a real winner!
Written by Tom Hickey, President at 07:10


Is your Property Vacant? Is it adequately protected? Do you know how your insurance policy will respond? Property ownership is a big investment of time and money. For that reason, it is important to ensure your property is protected from all potential losses.
Written by Lisa Hutchings at 14:24


We’re seeing more and more homes being built today with the homeowner acting as the General Contractor. This is happening for a number of reasons. The primary reason is to save money. Many Contractors add significant amounts of mark up on labor and materials and this can get very pricey for new home buyers, but contractors bring expertise to your job.
Written by Kent Rowe, Commercial Lines Manager at 10:34

Managing Millennials? A Problem?

Every day, we are hearing discussions about “managing generations in the workplace”. You can easily do a search for “Characteristics of Millennials” and get a number of hits such as: • 8 Millennial Traits You Should Know… • 7 Core Traits of Millennials • 10 Millennial Personality Traits

Business’ Are in the Dark About Cyber Risk

It’s one of the newest emerging risks. We see headlines about it, almost daily. Yet most business owners seem blissfully unaware of the threat that cyber threats face to their business. A Globe and Mail study from 2014 stated “Cyber attacks have hit 36% of Canadian businesses.”

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